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Indian Hockey-Reality bites ?

Posted by alokedeep on March 12, 2008

Reality, as wikipedia defines is “the state of things as they actually exist “

In the case of Indian hockey, didn’t we know the state of affairs for so many years ? So why did we need a defeat from Great Britain in the final of the Olympic qualifiers at Santiago,Chile to digest the bitter truth when it has been written all over for so many years. After all we have not managed an Olympic medal post the 1972 games with the exception of Moscow Olympics in 1980 where we won the Gold medal,when there were no participants from the European power houses like Germany,Holland and Great Britain.

This actually means that the fact the standard of our game had gone down-was something known to the country and the federation for over 35 years.But living in a make believe world it has taken us so much time to realize that the Europeans and even countries like Korea have left us far behind in a game which we were eight time Olympic champions.The fact that our tradional rivals Pakistan has made it to the Beijing Olympics hurts us even more.The alarm bells were ringing always when we were landing sixth,seventh or maybe even twelfth positions at international tournaments -but we chose to ignore them, so why so much hue & cry now with the media writing articles on “Indian hockey falls from grace

 Do we expect things to change now ? It still remains to seen, the usual blame game and resignations cycle has started.Isn’t it time when we came out of past historical records,allocades to bring in a change ?

A change which is dynamic and real and makes our hockey team fight and win the game on the field to reclaim their glory and respect or we keep living in our celluloid/make believe world where movies like Chak de show us winning world championships in penalty shoot-outs ! !


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Changing fortunes, cricket style

Posted by alokedeep on March 9, 2008

Less then one year back, I remember the Indian cricket team returning home after their disastrous world cup tournament  in the West Indies.Their string of low performances in the tournament including the loss against minnows Bangadesh had lead to the team unceremonious exit in the first round -something no one including the players, milllions of fans at home or even their sponsers could have imagined.The mood was totally sombre and when the team returned home they had to be provided a security cover to whisk them from airports away from the eyes of the media and angry fans who had even started burning effigies of their once upon a time ‘heros”.






On the other side of the world , the Aussies who had convincingly won the previous two editions of the world cup  in 1999 and 2003 were getting ready to pick up their third trophy in a row. Ricky Ponting,the captain of the Australian cricket team couldn’t have been any happier with he being at the helm of this achievement for two consecutive occasions.

But then as nothing in life is permanent -the same applies to glory and sport.Today the Indian cricket team which was in the dumps eleven months back has returned home after beating the Aussies in their own back yard , on a tour most members of the Australian cricket team would want to forget. On the other hand the Indian team which beat the Australians at both cricket and the mind games that the Aussies are famous for-would treasure this win for times to come.In fact the last seven months have been the best ones in Indian cricket so far -Winning the twenty-twenty world cup followed by a home series win against Pakistan and now beating Australia in Australia.

For Ricky Ponting who had been making predictions about the finals being one-sided and the Perth test being over in Australia, a sincere piece of advise would be to use the his team’s energies in playing cricket and not in mind games and sledging,something they are masters of .

 Kudos to Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his “boys” for humbling the arrogant Aussies ! !

Way to go man and many more of such victories to come ………………

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